Saturday, December 10, 2011

Block I designed in Betty Pillsbury Class

This block was the result of a class taken in fall 2011 with Betty Pillsbury.  She taught us some very interesting piecing techniques and many tips for working with velvets.  Yummm!  It still needs a spider for the web.  I am not sure where this block will find it's final resting place but I really enjoyed making it.

First completed block!

Block completed in 2011.  This was a practice block that I used while learning techniques in classes taught by Pam Kellogg, Betty Pillsbury, and Cheryl Anderson.  This is the first crazy quilting piece that I have actually finished.  It is a small wall hanging.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Purpose and Background

This is a spot for me to track my journey in Crazy Quilting. I became interested in Crazy Quilting when Betty Pillsbury spoke at the Oconomowoc Quilters Guild and offered a workshop in September 2010.  She was offering additional workshops at Designers Desk in Geneva Illinois and I attended a day session in seam treatments.  Betty is a fabulous teacher!  Cheryl Anderson started holding monthly meetings for a group of newbies interested in crazy quilting.  I have done bits and pieces over the last year and enjoyed all of it.  I took additional classes from Betty Pillsbury and Pam Kellogg.
I feel that I am beginning to gather momentum and want to challenge myself to stitch more often.
Crazy Quilting offers a delightful spot to consolidate all of the "little delights" that have always appealed to me (ribbon, buttons, dying, fiber, threads, pretty fabrics, embroidery)