Sunday, January 8, 2017

1 Year in Stitches 2017 week 1

Day 1 Chain Stitch (whipped chain actually but no photo)

Day 2 French knots

Day 3 Stem stitch - needs practice!

Day 4 Fly stitch

Day 5 Feather Stitch

Day 6 Detached Chain stitch (pink flowers)

Day 7 Straight stitch

Week 1

Monday, January 30, 2012

Take A Stitch Tuesday Week 4 Cretan Stitch

I made three passes with the Cretan Stich using Perle cotton, 2 different sizes of thread.  I have always avoided this stitch, but am becoming more comfortable with it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Take A Stitch Tuesday Week 3 Feather Stitch

I noticed that other times when I made the feather stitch, the stitches were quite large.  I worked at making the scale much smaller, and feel pretty good about this example.

Take A Stitch Tuesday Week 2 Blanket Stitch

Blanket Stitch.  I really have trouble with  getting my stitches to end up the length I deisre and keeping things  even.  Practice needed!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Week 1 - Fly Stitch

I decided to sew along with Sharon B's Take A Stitch Tuesday for 2012 (TAST)

Week 1 was the fly stitch. My friend Cheryl, showed us how to make leaves using multiple fly stitches.  I also made the flower and bud using only fly stiches.  I am excited about this challenge!

January 2012 CQJP Block Full Wolf Moon

This is my January block for the 2012 CQJP.  The fabrics include pieces from recycled silk ties, silk dupioni.  The block was hand pieced and is 6".  Stitches used include feather, fly, detached chain, straight, wrapped straight, colonial knot, french knot, stem.
January 9, 2012 is the Full Wolf Moon. It is named this because of the wolves that howled in the cold, dark mid-winter. I live in Southern Wisconsin on a farm, and although there have been occasional wolf sightings in our part of the state, we do hear coyotes almost nightly very close to our house. Every walk I take I see tracks and sign of the coyotes! 

1 Brocade remnant from Mary J
2 Silk tie from Cheryl A
3 Dress lining fabric White
4 Silk Dupioni Dark Blue
5 Embroidered silk from Bette W
6 Silk tie
Seams/EmbellishmentsA Fly stitch + French knots in light blue Perle cotton
B Fly stitch +straight st stars in yellow DMC Floss
C Straight st+ French knots in lt blue Perle cotton
D Straight stitch in Variegated cotton floss
E Straight stitch laced edge in White perle cotton and Trebizond silk
F Stem stitch (wolf) in grey DMC floss, Straight stitch (breath) in dark grey DMC, Straight stitch words in metallic DMC floss, Moon in Straight stitch White Trebizond silk.  Metal charms.
G Straight stitch + echoed detached chain.  Glass Beads, White Kreinik braid, grey DMC floss, Navy flower thread.
H Feather stitch + fly stitch + French knots  Perle cotton
I Straight stitch, grey DMC cotton floss
J Lazy Daisy + French knot in variegated cotton floss+ metallic DMC
K Fly stitch tied with detached chain Blue Perle Cotton

2012 Crazy Quilt Journal Project

When I signed up for the 2012 Crazy Quilt Journal Project, I knew that I wanted to challenge myself and be part of the project.  Several of us in the Tenacious Threads group were signing up for the project and the discussion turned to the question of “What will your final project look like?”  I am a relatively new crazy quilter and have made a few single blocks, but not had to tie things together.  I couldn’t come up with a plan, but the answer came in a dream.  I love it when this happens!
My finished project will be the Silver Dollar Moon Quilt.
Each block will have Silver Dollar Sized circle to represent the Moon with something (literal or not) that links it to the Native American name of the full moon for that month.
I started by tracing an actual silver dollar for my moon template (hoping that this will bring me the luck I will need!)
I hauled my pretty fabrics over to my Mom's house and we had a pleasant time sorting the fabrics into groups for each block.