Monday, January 9, 2012

January 2012 CQJP Block Full Wolf Moon

This is my January block for the 2012 CQJP.  The fabrics include pieces from recycled silk ties, silk dupioni.  The block was hand pieced and is 6".  Stitches used include feather, fly, detached chain, straight, wrapped straight, colonial knot, french knot, stem.
January 9, 2012 is the Full Wolf Moon. It is named this because of the wolves that howled in the cold, dark mid-winter. I live in Southern Wisconsin on a farm, and although there have been occasional wolf sightings in our part of the state, we do hear coyotes almost nightly very close to our house. Every walk I take I see tracks and sign of the coyotes! 

1 Brocade remnant from Mary J
2 Silk tie from Cheryl A
3 Dress lining fabric White
4 Silk Dupioni Dark Blue
5 Embroidered silk from Bette W
6 Silk tie
Seams/EmbellishmentsA Fly stitch + French knots in light blue Perle cotton
B Fly stitch +straight st stars in yellow DMC Floss
C Straight st+ French knots in lt blue Perle cotton
D Straight stitch in Variegated cotton floss
E Straight stitch laced edge in White perle cotton and Trebizond silk
F Stem stitch (wolf) in grey DMC floss, Straight stitch (breath) in dark grey DMC, Straight stitch words in metallic DMC floss, Moon in Straight stitch White Trebizond silk.  Metal charms.
G Straight stitch + echoed detached chain.  Glass Beads, White Kreinik braid, grey DMC floss, Navy flower thread.
H Feather stitch + fly stitch + French knots  Perle cotton
I Straight stitch, grey DMC cotton floss
J Lazy Daisy + French knot in variegated cotton floss+ metallic DMC
K Fly stitch tied with detached chain Blue Perle Cotton


  1. tells a story...perfect fabric choice. visiting you from cqpj blog

  2. I'm doing CQJP too. I love your block and I'm a new follower because I love sky watching and I sense a kindred spirit here.

  3. Hi Deborah, I love your block as blue is a favourite with me. I am in the CQJP too and like your idea of explaining what you did and the fabrics and stitches. Joy...New Zealand.